Cream Grinding And Refining Plants

The Ball Refiners are used to refine the raw nuts pure paste (hazelnuts, peanuts and other nuts in general) reducing the size of the product to about 20-30 microns. This process is carried out by introducing the material inside a cylinder that contains stainless steel balls. In a production line, the Refiners are placed after the pre-grinding units, in order to continue the refining process and obtain a clean and high quality finished product. The refiners installed in our plants are built with certified materials suitable for coming into contact with food, they are also efficient, resistant and easy to maintain.

The paste production line:

  • Grinding and refining for the continuous production paste of hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds and other type of dry roasted nuts
  • Variable refining degree, depending on customer’s needs
  • Low temperature processing cycle to enhance and safeguard the organoleptic characteristics of the product

Spreadable cream production line:

  • High level production of spreadable cream; creams for filling and chocolate coating
  • Manual, automatic or semi-automatic management system with PLC complete with the recipe book
  • Deposit for ingredients, dosing and storage systems

Brovind provides customized solutions to meet any customer’s needs.

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