Salting and Seasoning

Seasoning drums and micro-dosing systems are used mainly to complete the frying and roasting line getting a high quality final product. Designed to oil, salt and mix flavours to the products (mainly nuts and seeds such as peanuts, pistachio, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chips, pellets and others). The product is introduced inside the rotating seasoning drum in order to receive the flavouring solution  through a dosing pump that is connected to the brine group. Such flavours are dosed by volumetric microdosers and suitable transferring spiral conveyors.

The seasoning drum is equipped by an additional drain that is used to release the washing water. The continuous workflow allow the customer to get a high quality final product.

Both the seasoning drums and the micro-dosing systems are built with certified material, suitable to be in contact with foodstuff.

Brovind provides customized solutions to meet any customer’s needs.

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